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Connecting to Spirit throughout my life has been the fuel and motivation for me to pursue my spiritual path, and my spiritual career. When I was five years old, I was washing my hands while visiting my Dad one of my weekend visit’s with him. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I looked up in the mirror, there was no one there. I turned around because I could feel a presence behind me and I didn’t know what was really going on. When I turned around I saw this magnificent Angelic being. It didn’t say anything with words, but I heard “I will always protect over you” and at five years old, I screamed for my Dad because already at five, my life had been ridden with sadness and trauma. Forty-five years later, I still remember this experience like it was yesterday and even when I place my attention on my shoulder right now as I type this letter, I can feel the support of my guardian angel’s love right now in this moment. That feeling has NEVER left.

That day has been the fuel of my spiritual path throughout my life. I don’t think there was ever a time since that moment that I haven’t been in search of the unknown, the Universe, a connection with God/the Divine or Source energy, whatever you call it. I believe that we are all on this journey to some degree searching for that inner connection. It is the motivating factor of my guardian angel line, “That’s My Angel” – and is the force that connected me to the Archangels. I have a daily practice to connect with source energy, angels, God. I can easily connect with the Spirit realm in nature, meditation, journaling, and creativity.

There are times in my life, that I disconnect, or close the valve off to Spirit. It is in those moments I feel sad, depressed and anxious. My surrounding world is also in chaos and full of frustration. It does take a committed effort to stay connected to the Spirit World. I love to stay committed to this, I love to hear the angels, or my spirit guides, or Jesus talk to me. Last week, I connected with Archangel Chamuel and through meditation, I was able to channel a meditation about Self Love, an ever evolving topic in my journey. The connection was magical, an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my days in physical form.

I encourage everyone to take some time daily to connect with your inner self and you may already do. A walk in nature is a very easy way to feel the spirit world. You may like meditation, yoga, journaling, or creativity… these are all some of my favorite tools to tap into that inner being, my higher self. Life is just so much easier when we are in the flow of tapping into our higher selves. We can feel confident, supported and on track when we do.

Last night I was prompted in a course that I am currently taking with Gabby Bernstein, an exercise to write out my higher power statement of how it feels to connect with God.

Here is My Higher Power Statement:
When I trust & step into faith, I open greatly to God. God flows through me through his LVE which is infinite. It is the most beautiful Love that I have ever known. His Love is alive through my hands when I paint & create beauty that I can feel & touch & share with the World. I feel his Love in the birds, the trees, the breeze & through the very air that I breathe.

As the breath moves through my being, I can feel his presence. I can see His Love within the eyes of the baby that passes by. I can see His Love through the wagging tails of my fur babies.

God is all surrounding, He is within me and every being across this Globe. I can reach his Words by prayer, and by expanding my awareness in quiet meditation. I am connected within every moment I choose as I stay aware to His LVE & His presence. I am continually supported in Every Moment. I Am One with God. ~ Tara Marie Jack 🦋

If you are guided to write a Higher Power Statement for yourself, it is a great exercise to connect right in this moment with God/the Divine/Source Energy.  And if you feel guided to share, I would love to hear yours too!!!  Here’s to tapping into the Spirit World!!!

Many blessings, love and light,
Tara Marie Jack

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