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I have found myself over the past month finding myself triggered by fear – fear for our country – fear for our World and fear for our children.

With all of the killing, hate and politics how could I not?

I am an empath who is sensitive to the feelings that surround me.

But then I remembered…

I remembered that my soul came here to be a warrior of Love. A Goddess of Love !

That without the darkness casting its shadows it would not give us Goddesses the chance to Shine Our Light of Love brightly.

And then, I also remembered that these are soul contracts from all of us – even the ones that are showing us the darkness.

If it’s hard to imagine this, imagine when you were a little kid and you would play cops and robbers – one of you committed to being the robber while one of you committed to being the cop, how else would this game be played. And when we can broaden our perspective to see this, we can make our Love Shine even brighter.

Now we all have our roles to play in this. It’s time to put our hands over our hearts daily and shine our Love across this World, begin to visualize Peace and Love prevailing.

I am doing this daily – and it is folding over into my creations – this is my commitment and I ask you…

Would you join me?

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Much love & light to you!!
Tara Marie

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