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My mentor asked me today - what was it? What was the defining moment that created a this shift?

TᕼEᖇE ᗩᖇE ᔕEᐯEᖇᗩᒪ ᗰOᗰEᑎTᔕ ᗷEIᑎG ᑕOᑎᑎEᑕTEᗪ ᒪIKE 🅓🅞🅣🅢 Oᑎ ᗩ ᗰᗩᑭ

The first defining moment went like this:

The practitioner, who specializes in holding the sacred space for me to remember my wholeness and embody my brilliance looked at me one day after another one of my sessions with her.

She said, “Do you realize what you have accomplished?”

I looked her puzzled, and she said to me

“You have beaten the statistics. People that have moved through the trauma you have, have either ended up a drug addict, homeless, in jail or dead.” “You have so much to be proud of.”

Honestly, I have never looked at it through that lens before. I have always looked at it from the place I operated from.

It was like the first switch to go off for me. I then coupled that with the odds of being born, one in 400 trillion.

I realized that I am a Thriver.

A strong spirit. Ready to Thrive. It took a long time to see 👁from that awareness, but once you do, it’s really remembering who you truly are. And you can’t undo that.

And yet here I am, awakened, really alive.

My seeds have grown into roots, that have grown deep into the Earth. The leaves were there all along; always ready to support me.

M̤̈̈ÿ̤̈ S̤̈̈p̤̈̈r̤̈̈ö̤̈ṳ̈̈ẗ̤̈ ḧ̤̈ä̤̈s̤̈̈ B̤̈̈l̤̈̈ö̤̈ö̤̈m̤̈̈ë̤̈d̤̈̈

The flower is beautiful, and it’s me.

I now bask in the sunlight that shines upon my being.

• Tara Marie Jack

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