An Angel Spoke to Me Today

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This morning I woke up like any other morning. “Something Amazingly Awesome is Going to Happen,” I state every day before I get out of bed.

I get my tea, check my accounts, and get ready for a creative and productive day. But before I go, I set my day to meditate. Meditation is what keeps me feeling alive. It is my way to tap into spirit. Ten minutes is what I need to align myself with my higher self. 

In times like these, it’s so easy for the ego to see all the chaos that may be surrounding us. In times like these, as an empath it is easy to feel all the pain in the world right now.

Today my meditation lasted longer than the usual ten minutes. Today was one of those journey meditations. I could see clouds as if I was flying free. I heard music coming out of these clouds. Then suddenly the wings of a angelic being started to appear. The words "Love is All That is True" appeared as if she was showing me the credits to a movie that was about to start for me. 

She showed me all the help that is happening around the world. I could see the acts of kindness and love happening all around the world. I could see a young man helping an elderly woman with her packages. I could see the birth of a new baby. I could see the acts of donations. A homeless man being left a basket of food while he slept. A woman dropping off food to her local animal shelter. It felt like I was everywhere all at once. It felt surreal to be everywhere and then I felt tears streaming down my face. Not tears of despair but tears of love. The overwhelming feeling of love ignited this feeling of joy inside of me. As I write these words, I am reminded as God bumps run up and down my arms. 

I feel so alive. I feel so in love with life again. I truly know that something amazingly awesome happened today. 

Today I want to let you know that I love you. Near or far. We are love. That’s it. It’s as simple as this. 

I also decided to create a sale to share my love with you. Right now through Monday, my entire shop is 33% off. No code necessary. 

May love fill every cell of your being. May you feel love in everything you do. May you see love in every moment. May your days be amazingly awesome.

I love you. 



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