2019 Angel Day Celebration - Saturday, Oct 5

Posted by Tara Jack on

Beckon the most sacred and palpable resources of divine support.

Invoke the Healing Light of Your Angels

Imagine spending an entire day in the company of like-hearted souls, all sharing the same intention to experience pure and sacred connection.

Picture yourself immersed in the heavenly realms of the infinite, discovering and fulfilling your soul’s greatest needs.

Envision a space so purifying and energizing, you can’t help but be nourished and revitalized into whole-life wellbeing.

That, and more, is exactly what’s in store for you when you join me, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Soul Musician Kris Voelker, Fairy Expert Courtney Long and Guest Speakers for the 2019 Angel Day Celebration on Saturday, October 5, 2019!

Investment: $55

Details: https://sunnydawnjohnston.com/angel-day/

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